Start College Now

Enroll in college while you’re still in high school and you’ll be steps ahead toward your degree. “Concurrent enrollment” means college classes, taught by college instructors, and attended by other college students. The only difference between you and your fellow students is that you’re still working on your high school diploma.

To get started, you need to start your application and get permission from your parents and high school. If you have questions at any time, contact the Office of Student Services at 760.366.3791 or email Nicole Virtue.

Starting Your Concurrent Enrollment

  1. Print, complete, and turn in the K-12 Concurrent Enrollment Application.
  2. Create an account and apply to the college online.
  3. Apply for ​financial aid. Our school code is 035424.
  4. Once your application is received, you’ll receive emails with your student ID number and your MyCMC account information. On MyCMC, complete the Student Orientation process by clicking the link at the top of the page.
  5. At least one week before semester starts: Get your forms, transcripts, and new student process completed.
  6. Register for classes.

Concurrent vs. Dual Enrollment

What You Need to Know

Parents Need Student Permission

Under federal law, your parents can’t access your college-level academic records without you saying so. To give them permission, you just need to fill out a Release of Information form at the beginning of each semester.

Your Next Semester Is Not Guaranteed

Your concurrent enrollment is not continuous. To continue your education, you are going to have to be approved each semester and maintain a GPA of 2.00 or above.

You Can’t Take All the Classes

If you’re attending CMC under concurrent enrollment, there are a few classes you won’t be able to take. These classes are:

Classes Fill Up—It’s On You

Submit your class request as soon as possible; if you wait until the last minute, your course could fill up and it won’t be available anymore.

Before anything, make sure you meet the prerequisites for any course you want to enroll in. If you don’t, you won’t be able to enroll in the class.

If a class is offered every semester, you can submit your class request before the schedule comes out for the next semester. Some classes aren’t available for concurrent enrollment (as explained above).

Double check everything with your counselor to make sure everything is in order before you submit your classes. It never hurts to make sure everything is in order.

Bottom Line: It’s College

Concurrent enrollment is for high school students who are “ready for advanced work.” You take on more responsibility for your schedule, for planning, and for following through. You’ll be approved for courses that are part of an associate degree program, if you meet the requirements and the prerequisites.

Contact Academic Services

Office of Academic Services
100 Quad
6162 Rotary Way
Joshua Tree, CA 92252