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Copper Mountain College is proud to present an opportunity for you to support our hometown Fighting Cacti.



You are our Greatest Cheerleader

Before there was an athletic department at CMC, there were Athletic Boosters! In 2016, one hundred charter members committed $500 each to fund a new athletic program at Copper Mountain College. By Fall 2017, a men’s and women’s basketball team was ready to tip off in our Bell Center Gymnasium. The excitement on campus, in the community and within California Community College Athletics Association (CCCAA) was over the top. And the Fighting Cacti of CMC did not disappoint. We had a phenomenal inaugural 2017-2018 basketball season.  The men’s basketball team finished the season strong making the playoffs in their first season.  The women’s team had a competitive season and continued to focus on recruitment and build the coming year’s team.  We traveled to many other colleges across Southern California and represented our community and our college with pride.  We had great attendance at our dozen home games and our community spirit was on display at every event. 

Seven years later, CMC Athletics has grown to include women’s volleyball too. And our Athletic Boosters remain committed to promoting the Athletic Department of Copper Mountain College, with a focus on sustainability, adequate funding, and competitive spirit to meet the athletic success of student athletes, students, the college, and the communities of the Morongo Basin. We invite you to join the fun! Booster membership is $35 per year and gives you the perks of membership while helping fund the needs of student athletes. Our Athletic Boosters run the snack bar, halftime activities and player events in the community all while raising money to pay for equipment, uniforms, and travel. Last year close to $20,000 was donated to our student athletes and the CMC Athletic Department.