CMC offers various resources for Dreamers to achieve their educational goals.

Make your dream a reality. Copper Mountain College offers many resources to Dreamers, undocumented individuals who wish to attend college. You’ll find all the ways CMC supports your education—from application help to scholarships to basic needs, like transportation.


Your dream can be your reality. Find out the different ways you can get help at Copper Mountain College.

Financial Aid

If you are an undocumented student, apply for financial aid by filling out the CA Dream Act Application (CADAA) by March 2.


Through the CA Dream Act, you qualify for some institutional scholarships. Find out which ones you can get through CMC.

Immigrants Rising

Do you have any questions about the applications you complete? Check out Immigrants Rising for answers.

CA Community Colleges

Resources and programs for undocumented college students to keep them safe and focused on their studies.

I Can Go to College

CCC and CMC both help you achieve your educational goals.

Basic Needs

If you are having trouble getting to campus, affording groceries, or other basic needs, CMC can help.

Other Benefits

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